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Karimoku Furniture, Japan's leading manufacturer of wooden furniture, and the world-renowned design studio of Zaha Hadid, under the leadership of co-directors Woody Yao and Maha Kutay have joined forces to launch the 'SEYUN' collection internationally.

The collection, consisting of a chair, an armchair and a table, are made of wood using a combination of machine and hand processes. The tactile furniture echoes Zaha Hadid's pioneering design language and Karimoku's expertise as a furniture manufacturer.

The two brands began their collaboration in 2021, exploring the juxtaposition between the hardness of the material wood and the sense of lightness achieved through design. The unique pieces are composed of a series of conjoined asymmetrical surfaces, referencing Zaha Hadid's unique aesthetic sense while conveying a sense of elegance and balance.