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Creator & designer of furniture and unique unusually-shaped items.

In his studio, in New York, the artist creates all kinds of furniture that enriches the most distinctive of settings. Every item reveals a fascination for geometries, primary materials and unusual forms, introducing new materials and textures in iron.

J.M. Szymanski was introduced in 2014 and, having exhibited his projects in New York, Los Angeles and Paris, has attracted the attention of top architects, interior designers and collectors.
His training in design began, however, already in his childhood during his stay in Nepal and continued until, just over twenty, he moved to Spain where he studied the drawings of Gaudi.

He is a visionary, designer and prototypist with eyes fixed firmly on a distant horizon in search of new opportunities, inspirations and directions to take.
He will exhibit his creations in the Museum’s Sala da Pranzo (dining room).