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Softhouse is getting ready to illuminate the central halls of Casa Manzoni with its capsule collection, celebrating the fusion of past and present through a narrative journey guided by color.

The focal point of this journey is the Sala Studio, where the Grigio sofa, a sophisticated reinterpretation of its iconic predecessor Grigio Chiaro, will welcome visitors with its soft curves and timeless elegance. Alongside, a series of armchairs from the new collection, with sculptural yet always elegant and soft silhouettes, will showcase Softhouse's distinctive style. Fabrics with blue hues and their undertones will enhance a chromatic journey rich in details and decorative elements.

At the heart of the exhibition, the Sala Camino will offer a cozy atmosphere, with flesh tones and terracotta hints embracing guests in a warm embrace of chromatic suggestions. Here will emerge the iconic Gatsby sofa, a jewel of the company conceived by director Mariella Torri in 2015, with its fluid and seductive lines embodying cosmopolitan elegance and an invitation to joyful relaxation.

Alongside timeless classics, two new creations will make their debut: a model with semi-curvilinear shapes and one with sculptural design, yet preserving the distinctive softness of Softhouse products.

Softhouse continues to surprise and inspire, transforming living spaces into havens of refinement and comfort, and is gearing up to reveal, at Fuorisalone, its unique vision of contemporary furniture, offering an experience that will capture the hearts of visitors.