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Sohil is a Milanese atelier specializing in decorative cushions for furniture, founded in 2016 in Milan by German-born interior designer Katrin Herden.

The name Sohil in Persian means “beautiful” and in the conception of this culture also refers to a star, reflecting the love of beauty and aesthetics, as well as dedication to detail and precision.
Katrin Herden has been working with fine fabrics in international design projects for over 30 years. She combines her passion for fine fabrics with a special sense of colour and style that allows her to decorate and give unique personalities to rooms.

All Sohil cushions, which will be exhibited at the Studio of the museum, a new innovative ‘funky’ collection of pillows with special trimmings and surprising colour combination for In and Outdoor use. Top quality fabrics in pure cashmere, soft velvets, and vintage pieces combined with rich trimmings. Each pillow a work of art created individually or in limited edition.